1st Meeting Tips and Tricks

Donderdag 14 october 2021 - 19:00

We tonen tips en tricks die u helpen om uw effciëntie met Solidworks te verhogen.

Dit doen we voor de volgende onderwerpen:




Select all the same entities CTRL+ A



Sketch Options

Cross helper : Angle dimension with only 1 line

Convert entities + trim entities to drag endpoint

View dimension names

Virtual sharp dimensions

Display/delete relations - fully define sketch

Difference between thin and contour sketches

Sketch picture to draw over


3Dsketch with workplanes : icosahedron

Sketch color to differentiate sketches

Instand2D: drag to get the right dimension



Draw a ball with revolve

Difference between surface modeling and volume modeling

Cut extrude - only open sketch Instant3D to show chrystal growth